BLOC & Treasury Venture

BLOC wants to announce the following alliance with Treasury XRPL LLC.

BLOC actively seeks the partnerships and volunteerism of the leaders of said projects. Treasury has volunteered its Venture service as a mentoring platform to select projects that apply to BLOC that do not have 3 months in the ecosystem. As of 9/3/2022 all BLOC projects must have 3 months in of their token being launched and on the blockchain in order for sufficient auditing to take place. There is also an audit every 6 months.

Projects applying to the venture platform should understand that going through the Treasury Venture platform does not guarantee BLOC membership/Approval and that 3 months is still needed to apply. It should also be well understood that TRSRY cannot speak for the BLOC as whole. BLOC Oversight Reserves the right to act within its bylaws and code of conduct to protect BLOC and its associated projects.

With the above understanding BLOC encourages all projects that do not have enough time on the XRPL to seek out the council of Treasury XRPL and the services of it’s Venture platform.

While BLOC encourages projects to apply to Venture TRSRY, it must be understood that TRSRY Venture has its own standards for choosing projects that may not meet the standards of BLOC. TRSRY Venture and its project alone bear the risks of any project taken on its TRSRY, Venture or related platform. No associated project of treasury gains any measure of membership within BLOC. All BLOC member projects adhere to the constitution, code of conduct, and bylaws

BLOC extends its gratitude for the volunteerism of TRSRY and its leadership to help build the blockchain space.